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Welcome to Woodland School, K-8th grades. Woodland School is located in Mariposa County, a rural community in an area which is noted for its variety of tourist attractions including ski slopes, gold rush history, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, boating, backpacking and Yosemite National Park. Woodland has gone from being a 1st-6th grade school in the 1950’s, to a K-6th, and has now evolved to a K-8th grade site. Our campus is spread out over an area of approximately 7 acres, with grass and beautiful oak trees interspersed throughout the campus. We are a Distinguished School and take pride in the education we offer to our students.


Woodland News


Parents - Tomorrow 09/21 Woodland is scheduled to do Lockdown / Earthquake / and Fire Drills. Please encourage your child to take these safety drills seriously as safety is our first concern.


No School September 26

Today: 9/27/16


Lydia Lower, Principal

Stephanie Nabors, Secretary III

Winona Brown, Attendance Secretary/Registrar

Lori Vollberg, Counselor


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